Living in Chicago: What it’s Really Like

The Windy City has definitely become a player in the technological revolution.  Thanks to its attractive business ecosystem, startups and Fortune 500 companies are enjoying what Chicago has to offer.  Indeed, 110 honorees on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies were Chicago-based.

So it’s good that the job market is booming.  But as Alana Semuels pointed out earlier this year, while the:

“number of wealthy census tracts has grown fourfold since 1970, people at the bottom are struggling as much as they always have, if not more—illustrating that it’s not just the white rural poor who are being left behind in today’s economy. The disconnect is why Andrew Diamond, the author of Chicago on the Make, has called Chicago “a combination of Manhattan smashed against Detroit.”

But plans are in place for additional affordable housing.  For example, Logan Square is set to get 30% of the 117 units in the 120 foot tower by North Milwaukee Avenue.  If the project is approved it will help Chicagoans with their housing problems. This is especially so since house prices have increased 17 percent this year.