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Local Job Creation During Tough Times

There are so many industries that have suffered with the impacts of the coronavirus.  Many thousands have lost their jobs.  Here we take a look at some of the industries that are slowly bouncing back.

While public transportation everywhere has definitely taken a hit during the coronavirus pandemic as people self-isolate and avoid crowds, there is some good news for the industry.  The Chicago Transit Authority is working hard in this area and has recently created more jobs in the industry as the city slowly re-opens.

Currently, the CTA is recruiting mechanics and bus drivers.   Plus, bus operators are also welcome to apply.  The CTA has not had vacancies for the latter position since before the stay at home order went into place in the state of Illinois back in March.

Then there is the Green Era Renewable Energy and Urban Farming Campus which is seeking to build up the South Side of Chicago with job creation, renewable energy and fresh food.  The campus is getting some fiscal aid from the state in the form of $2 million via the Rebuild Illinois program.

This has helped it reach its goal of fundraising for the $32m project it is developing on the brownfield 9-acre land site.