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Chicago: The New Digital Marketing Hub?

The MxD (Manufacturing and Digital) company is booming in Chicago.  Civic leaders figured out this could be the place for MxD around six years ago given the region’s logistical ease, efficient transportation and solid industry base. 

Money was provided by the State of Illinois in conjunction with the City of Chicago to build around 100,000 square feet of MxD office space and factories etc., while the Department of Defense provided $80m in seed funding.  MxD is now working toward the development of a cybersecurity workforce for Chicago within its high schools, city colleges and more. 

In a recent Press Release, Chandra Brown, CEO of MxD said that the company would be:

“accelerating its mission to serve the U.S. manufacturing industry with new digital technologies, cyber and workforce programs. These accomplished and energized new directors will deepen our ability to serve the industry more effectively and position the Institute for long-term success.”

The industry definitely has a lot of potential in Chicago.