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Chicago’s Environmental Optimism

While we keep reading and hearing about the negative impacts the coronavirus crisis is having on our economy, our youth and our consumerism, we thought it would be a welcome change to focus on something positive going on in the area with particular reference to the environment.

It shouldn’t come as such a great surprise that we are seeing lower numbers for air pollution and greenhouse emissions.  One way this is seen in Chicago is the increase in river-swimming fish.  This has been happening in recent times irrespective of the coronavirus but now it is further increasing. 

According to a recent Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Report, today there are close to 60 types of fish that can be found swimming in the Calumet and Chicago rivers.  Compare that to figures of four decades ago when there were around 10.  Some of the species that can be found include: bluegill, yellow perch and catfish.  Experts in the field believe that cleaner rivers are playing a huge part in this.