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McDonald’s Testing Fresh Beef in Dallas Restaurants

Mcdonalds_logoOak Brook, Illinois headquartered McDonald’s announced that it is testing the feasibility of putting fresh beef on its menu in 14 outlets in Dallas, Texas. It is still too early for them to say whether they can take the idea of replacing their frozen hamburger patties across the nation.

The test is so far only being done with quarter pound burger patties.

“Like all of our tests, this one too is designed to see what works and what doesn’t within our restaurants,” said Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokeswoman.

The test is taken place during a period in which McDonald is attempting to reverse a recent business slump it has been experiencing. The company wants to try and improve business by improving some of its most basic items on its menu.

McDonald’s is the country’s largest hamburger fast-food restaurant chain, with 14,000 locations.

Only Two Burgers Left in Chicago Burger-Off

Len Rizzi (photographer)
Len Rizzi (photographer)

Thousands of suggestions for a new kind of burger creation were submitted by a variety of wannabe and actual chefs in McDonald’s recent “Chicagoland Burger Build-Off.” After careful consideration the McDonald’s operators in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region whittled down the field to only two finalists: A Chi-Town Classic featuring Canadian bacon and smoked applewood bacon strips; and a Rio Crisp Burger complete with tortilla chips and guacamole.

So which of the two is going to be the winner? Just as the ideas came from the people, the ultimate winner will also be chosen by the public: both burgers are now being served in the region’s restaurants to see which becomes the most popular. The inventor of the burger of choice will receive $5,000 in cash and a paid vacation to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Not to mention being able to tell everyone you created a McDonald’s featured burger.

McDonald’s will also promote the new burger with some fun advertising. Cossette Chicago advertising agency created a TV spot which hopes to inspire excitement over the new-fangled burgers and the fact that the public gets to choose the final winner.

Not only is McDonald’s trying to promote the contest, it would also like to employ the momentum from the contest to have customization of local menus get people into fast food restaurants and boost sales.

Hoffman Estates Looking forward to Two New McDonald’s Locales


Photo by juanstermonster
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A McDonald’s is being considered to fill the space left empty by the long vacant Myoda Computer Center in Hoffman Estates outside Chicago. Myoda, located at 1070 North Roselle Road was taken over by a bank five years ago when the mortgage on the property was foreclosed.

Hoffman Estates is planning other improvements to their village, including putting in a traffic light this autumn at the entrance to the shopping center on Roselle Road.

If the plan for the McDonald’s is given a green light, then Hoffman Estates will have two of the newest McDonald’s in the area, instead of one of the oldest ones. That’s because the old McDonald’s is coming down as soon as a new, already approved, McDonald’s at Barrington Square Town Center opens up.

The Myoda building is a two-story structure that housed a computer store, but also had space for other tenants. The land is now owned by the BBCN Bank, which is planning to sell the property to a broker, who will then contract a lease for a new 4,338-square-foot McDonald’s complete with dual drive-through lanes.

If approved work on the new McDonald’s most likely won’t begin until the beginning of the next construction season, said Peter Gugliotta, Director of Planning, Building & Code Enforcement for Hoffman Estates. Once begun it should take between four to six months for the fast food restaurant to be completed.