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U-Haul Suing For Wrongful Towing Scam

U-Haul van being refueled.Photo by Mikescottwood11
U-Haul van being refueled.Photo by Mikescottwood11

The U-Haul Company of Illinois, a do-it-yourself moving company that rents out trucks and trailers to individuals, is suing a group of Chicago-based towing companies for conducting a scam against them.

The suit alleges that the towing companies tried to convince renters of U-Haul vehicles to tell U-Haul that their truck had broken down and was in need of a towing service when in fact there was nothing wrong with the vehicles. The towing companies offered payment to the customers for fabricating the story. Then the towing company would come and tow the truck and charge U-Haul the towing and storage fees.

It is not known how many times this alleged scam occurred and by how many people and companies, but the suit names seven towing companies and seven individuals. According to the Chicago Tribune one U-Haul costumer rented a truck in Hoffman Estates, and was then offered by one of the defendants $500 to say that the truck was damaged and needed towing services.

U-Haul is seeking $50,000 in damages and an injunction against the defendants that they will never be allowed to tow any U-Haul vehicles again.