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Advancing Job Creation

A laboratory is being created to teach students how to become nurses without all the expenses. Funding for this nursing simulation laboratory is being provided by the government at Chicago State University.  According to J. B. Pritzker, the Democratic Governor who announced the $2.5 million funding:

“That state-of-the-art facility will train thousands of students for jobs in one of the fastest growing industries, and that’s the medical profession, at a crucial moment,” Illinois faces a nursing shortage across a number of specialties.”

As well as being ranked number one of the Midwest pharmacy institutions in the education of minority students by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, according to President Zaldwaynaka “Z” Scott, it is the only widely-black institution.  Students are made up of: 70 percent African American and 10 percent Latinx.  In addition there are 69 percent women; 61 percent are first generation college students.

Further, for students who study there, there will be a substantially greater pay scale and opportunity, helping students at the university feel a sense of pride.

In other city-enhancement news, the Chicago Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program has just been launched.  In an attempt to facilitate the capacity of property owners to move over to clean energy, PACE is offering low-cost financing for such work to be undertaken in new and existing buildings.  Those wanting to install green roofs, solar panels and other water/energy saving devices will have an easier financial time doing so thanks to PACE.  This loan is only paid back through a special assessment which is automatically added to future tax bills in each property building.

Health and Educational Endeavors in Illinois

Illinois Hospitals

This year’s Leapfrog Group list of 118 America’s Highest Quality Hospitals features 7 from Illinois.  Chicago has four:

  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital,
  • University of Chicago Medical Center,
  • Amita Health Saints Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center
  • Amita Health Resurrection Medical Center

To gain the results the following was measured: efficiency, management structure, patient safety and quality.  Performances areas investigated were: infection prevention; limiting C-sections; using technology for improved care; leadership policies and practices.

Meanwhile,efforts are being made to enhance education in the state.  According to a recent statement put out by JB Pritzker, a new committee has been put in place to bolster “the educational standards for every student in Illinois from kindergarten through 12th grade up through college.

The establishment of the new committee – Educational Success Transition Committee – was announced last month at the Genevieve Melody STEM Elementary School.  CEO and co-Chair of Chicago Public Schools Janice Jackson said:

“We must acknowledge the fact that not every single student in every community has access to the same education.  And we intend to fix that–not only in our city–but throughout the great state of Illinois.”

Civil Rights Issues

The establishment of a fourth transition committee has been announced by J. B. Pritzker as an advisory board on matters of civil rights.  To be known as the Committee on Equality, Equity and Opportunity, Marca Brista, Marty Castro and Kim Hunt will take equal responsibility for guiding the committee in the capacity as co-chairs of the 25 members.  They are all currently involved in related endeavors (Access Living; Casa Central and Pride Action Tank).

According to Lt. Gov-elect Juliana Stratton, the committee’s role is to really listen “to the communities across Illinois who haven’t been heard or who’ve experienced systemic disinvestment.”  She should know.  Being the country’s first Democratic Lieutenant Governor-elect in the 2018 election as well as the first ever black woman to be elected to that position in Illinois, Stratton couldn’t be more apt for her work on this committee. She added:

“The Committee on Equality, Equity and Opportunity will tackle civil rights issues in our state and work to ensure Illinois can protect children and families from dangerous policies from the federal government.”