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Chicago Businesses Debuting

There have been some new businesses opening locally.  Here we take a look at some of them.  For Mexican food lovers, mosey on down to 2022 W. 35th Street where El Chile Toreado recently opened.   For those who want to try Ahogada, Cubana, Carne Asada and so much more, these are just some of the dishes on offer.

There is also something for beer lovers.  The latest venture to tantalize your taste buds in the region is the Burning Bush Brewery featuring a variety of changing local brews as well as wine on tap.  Take a bite to eat there from their food trucks or snack menu which includes bread sticks, cheese and crackers.

What a great name for an optometrist.  Eye Q Optique has just joined the hood at 709 S. Seely Avenue.  

In other Chicago-based news, City Hall veteran Tiffany Hamel Johnson was just named CEO of Chicago United, succeeding Gloria Castillo.  As the first African American female chief in the position (which was inaugurated in 1968), this appointment is most noteworthy.