Surviving COVID-19, Financially

A stimulus package was approved by the US Senate on the amount of $2 trillion to counteract the negative affects the worldwide COVID-19 has had on people’s lives.  As part of the package, most Americans will be entitled to $1,200 (those who were working before this started) which amounts to approximately $3,000 on average per family.

However those who make over $75,000 will not be entitled to the entire payment and those who make $99,000 an up will not get any money.  In addition, unemployment will be extended from 26 to 39 weeks for most individuals.

For companies that choose to use Uptake (a predictive maintenance software) it will be free.  This is especially good for those businesses currently deemed ‘essential’ such as vehicles used for food transportation as well as medical, supplies, etc.  This will be very helpful medical institutes to facilitate their distribution of essential items around local communities.

In addition, Sittercity  has now waived its fee for three months to those who work as first responders and health care staff working in the continuing ‘shelter-in-place’ order in Illinois.  These individuals are really on the front lines of Chicago’s outbreak.