Let’s Look at What They’re Buying in Chicago

Now with so much shopping done online, following consumer’s shopping patterns is just a click away. Combine that with this year’s holiday shopping season upon us, and we have a great combination to further understand the mind of the quintessential Chicago shopper.

Between November 1st and 30th Slice Intelligence focused their cyber-microscopes on the online shopping public. This is what they found:

•    It’s all about the clothing. About 22% of total spending, on average, was spent on apparel and accessories. In second place was electronics, coming out to around $23.98 and $22.96, respectively.
•    This year’s shopping advanced by about 18% over last year. Don’t be fooled by the big-sounding number. In other towns, like Miami and St. Louis, those folks really shopped till they dropped, posting an increase of 27% over last year.
•    The only category of goods Chicagoans did not spend more online this year over last year was on automotive products. In that category, online spending went down by about 15%.
•    Yea, we all like to buy our clothing online, but what about watches, jewelry and sports/outdoor products? Those items seem to be catching on fire for online sales. Watches and jewelry purchases were up online by 86%, sports and outdoor items, up by 70%, appliances saw a 58% rise, and pet supplies grew by 53%.