John Carrol Former Publisher of Chicago Social, Dies at 59

After serving for over 20 years as publisher of Chicago magazine, John Carroll died at the age of 59, on August 24.

Last year Carroll resigned from his job as president and group publisher at Modern Luxury Media. MLM publishes Chicago Social and a group of other similar, large format glossies all over the US, which specialize in cultural events and the social scene.

In order to sell his wares meant Carroll was a frequent attendee at art shows, gala dinners, and other Chicago social events. Owned by Atlanta-based Dickey Publishing, Modern Luxury also has magazines in Los Angeles, Aspen and Houston. They also have other magazines with their emphasis on interior design and wedding planning.

Carroll joined MLM in 2004. Before that he worked at another publication focused on social events, Chicago magazine, from 1992 to 2004.

Before resigning last year Carroll took leave from his job to deal with a serious health issue. According to Carroll’s daughter Megan Kulick, 31, her father had a terminal, degenerative disease, frontotemporal dementia, which effects speech and judgement.

“Even people who really aren’t people-people liked him,” Kulick said of her father. “We feel how much the city misses him.”