Chicago Keeps Going

All is not lost and there is optimism in the air. Despite the incredible challenges we have all been facing, Chicago is still going.  From new buildings to great educational performances, creative ways of maintaining and even growing local businesses, Chicagoans are trying to stay afloat.

The Pullman National Monument recently conducted a ceremony marking their progress on what will eventually become a new tourist attraction in Chicago’s South Side.   On the spot that passenger railroad cars were being built, the area is being renovated with over $34m in public and private funds.  Once complete it will become a visitors center for the national monument.

In the Southern Illinois University (SIU) system most students are back learning.  Some are in class, others, off and still others are in a hybrid program.  Through this, there is much optimism that there will be an ability to contain the spread of the virus.

When it comes to education it seems that Chicago figures are positive.  Over 82 percent of students graduated in five years last spring – which was 2% higher than last year. The 2019-20 graduation rates are said to have “shown resilience” and according to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

“This is incredibly great news when you consider the challenges we all faced this past year, especially our students.”