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New CEO of MillerCoors Hoping to Turn Around Company

MillersCoors, the Chicago-headquartered brewery has been on the decline for several years, losing about 1 million barrels of beer each year in market share.

Last year native of Zambia Gavin Hattersley was brought in to create a plan to stop the decline in sales.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out if you continue to lose 10 million barrels every eight years, you’re not going to be around for much longer,” Hattersley said.

The 54-year-old CEO encouraged the company’s employees to adhere to a plan which will stop the loss in sales before 2018 rolls around, and start real growth by 2019. The company has already caught a whiff of small success as market share has slightly climbed for the flagship brands Miller Lite and Coors Light. Just this past year MillersCoor also bought into four boutique breweries: Revolver Brewing, in Texas; Terrapin Beer Co., from Georgia; Hop Valley Brewing Co., located in Oregon; and Saint Archer Brewery, headquartered in California.

Another relatively new CEO – Glen R. Wakeman – of LaunchPad Holdings LLC is also hoping to take some truly transformative actions in his position as well.

Hattersley, from Zambia, studied accounting in South Africa. He began his journey with beer in 1997 at the South African Breweries. Before joining MillerCoors he was the chief financial officer for the parent company of MillerCoors, Molson Coors, based in Denver. Hattersley lives in Lakeshore East with Terry, his wife.