Illinois State Fair

Over $6.5 million (a conservative estimate) in revenue came from this year’s Illinois State Fair.  This is a record amount for the event with the highest amount being raised to date occurring in 2013 at $6.4 million. 

The fair was inaugurated in 1853 and today is held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Based on agriculture, today the fair has shows, competitions, parades, spectacles, festivals and more and the State Fairgrounds where it is held has over 100 permanent buildings for the event. This year around 509,000 individuals attended which was nearly 40 percent more than 2018 rendering it the highest amount since 2014.

This year the game was really stepped up with grandstand shows and more than 50 new vendors.  According to John Sullivan, Agricultural Director:

“We knew we had a great state fair. The economic engine that this fair drives is tremendous. It doesn’t just help the city, it helps the entire region here. It doesn’t just help the city, it helps the entire region here.”

Furthermore, according to Manager Kevin Gordon, some of the reasons the financial results were so positive this year was due to the following:  an increase of $150,000 in corporate sponsorships from last year and fairground camping area revenue increase of $20,000.

Revenue for grandstand acts was 110 percent of the cost for those acts, or 10 percent more than the state shelled out to the artists. Corporate sponsorships were up by $150,000 over last year, he said, to a total of $750,000. He said revenues from the camping area on the fairgrounds were up by $20,000.