Hooters Experimenting with Less Tight Tops for Waitresses

Hooters restaurant at 1001 Claren Circle in Morrisville, North Carolina. Photo by Ildar Sagdejev

Despite being known for its tightly topped waitresses, one member of the chain of Hooters Management Corp., a licensee of Hooters of America, has decided to loosen up its style. Hooters Management announced the opening of “Hoots” in Cicero, Illinois, right outside Chicago, where the waitresses will be dressed in less conspicuous uniforms.

Customers will order their meals at the counter, and not at tables. Both waiters and waitresses will be on staff to take orders. Since this is still in testing mode, only about a dozen or so items will be available on the menu. Of course one of those will still be chicken wings.

This experiment with less provocative dress for their waitresses comes at a moment when the restaurant industry has shown flat customer traffic. The NPD Group does predict, however, that fast-food restaurants will be growing in the coming months, while sit-down chains will suffer.

There were 337 Hooters branches in the United States in 2015, a loss of three restaurants from the previous year.